Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Kids and Places Australia App?

The Kids and Places Australia App is a unique location-based map directory providing you the easiest way to find the best kid friendly places and attractions near you wherever you are in Australia! The perfect app for when you are out with the kids or planning a family holiday.

The app is available to download from both iTunes and Google Play.

Why use our App?

How many times have you been visiting a new area with the family and want to know where the best playgrounds are or the best family attractions? Perhaps you’re on a road trip and you want to know where’s worth stopping with the kids to break up the journey? Maybe you just want to discover something new in your own neighbourhood like an indoor play centre? With this app you can easily see this information.

The Kids and Places Australia app is perfect if you are exploring a new place with the kids, planning a trip with the family or just want to discover what’s in your own area. The app showcases the best family attractions and places to stay and new places are constantly being added to the map making this a “must have” resource at your fingertips when out-and-about with the kids.

This app has been designed by a parent wanting to know where to take the kids without searching tirelessly through cluttered websites…by using this app you can avoid the clutter and get straight to the information you need!

What listings does Kids and Places Australia include?

The Kids and Places Australia map directory includes listings for kid-friendly places and attractions including:

    • Aquarium
    • Cafe/Restaurant
    • Family Friendly Pub
    • Indoor Play Centre
    • Museum/Gallery
    • Other Indoor Attractions
    • Swim/Aquatic Centre
    • Trampoline Centre
    • Adventure/Theme Park
    • Animal Farm
    • Maze
    • Mini Golf
    • Other Outdoor Attractions
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Playground – All Abilities
    • Playground – Other
    • Playground – Water Play
    • Tree Top Adventures
    • Water Park
    • Zoo/Wildlife Park
  • STAY
    • Farmstay
How do I search for a Place on the App?

There are two ways to find places on the app, either click ‘What’s Near Me?’ or use the Customise Search:

What’s Near Me? (Free)

The easiest way to find kid friendly places near your location is by clicking on the ‘What’s Near Me?’ button, then you will see a map showing the free listings within a 100km radius/distance from your current location from anywhere in Australia. Simply click on the map icons for information about that place or select the ‘List view’ option to see all listings in a list ranked from nearest to furthest!

The following categories are an in-app purchase:

  • Kid Friendly Cafes/Restaurant
  • Family Friendly Pub
  • Indoor Play Centre
  • Playground – All Abilities
  • Playground – Other

Customise Search (In-app Purchase)

The Customise Search feature lets you see all listings for all States/Territories across Australia. This is perfect for when you’re planning a family holiday or visiting interstate with the kids. You can also filter your search by different category types or just search by place name.

I’m looking for a kid-friendly place that I know of but it’s not listed – why?!

The Kids and Places Australia App is still growing (listings are being added every day!). There are many places that still need to be added! We always love to hear about great kid-friendly attractions, places, cafes and pubs/restaurants so if you’d like to see something listed then please fill in the ‘Recommend a Place’ form on the App or contact us at

How much does it cost to list on the Kids and Places Australia directory?

It is free to add a listing to our app (this may be subject to change).

For all listings, you will need to register and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Registration is quick and easy – please see ‘What information do you require upon Registration’ for further details.

Can businesses add a listing to the Kids and Places Australia directory?

Yes – we’d love to help businesses get some exposure! If you’re a business which offers a service/facility/attraction directed towards kids/families and would like to add a listing to our directory then please simply go to the ‘Add Listing’ option in the menu and fill in the form.
You need to register and agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to add a listing. Registration is quick and easy – please see ‘What information do you require upon Registration’ for further details.

Alternatively, please contact us if you’d like to add a listing.

Do I need to Register to use the website?

If you just want to use the website to search for listings then you do not need to register. If however you want to leave a review, rating, comment, upload photos or add a listing then you will need to register.

What information do you require upon Registration?

We only ask for basic information to become a registered user (e.g. Email address, Name). A confirmation email will then be sent to you with a password. Once registered you will be able to upload new listings, add comments, reviews, ratings and upload your own photos. For more information please check out our Privacy Policy.

How long does it take for a listing to become visible once submitted?

Once you’ve filled in the listings form, previewed your listing and submitted it, we will then review your listing. If the content is complete and correct then it will be approved and become live on the website. You will receive an email confirming when this happens. If there are any issues with the listing then we will contact you to advise.

I’d like to add a listing to a category that’s not currently listed?

If you’d like to add a listing to a category that’s not currently listed on our website then please contact us with your request

How can I comment/review a listing?

Only registered users can submit a comment/review. Once registered (see ‘What information do you require upon Registration’ for more information), you can contribute by also uploading your own photos, add a rating, share tips/useful information etc. We expect comments/reviews to be honest and fair (with no offensive language), please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for further information.

What do the star ratings mean?

The listings include a star rating system so users can rate how good a place is based on their personal experience. The star ratings mean:

What if I spot an error/mistake in any of the listings?

We strive to make the contents on Kids and Places Australia as accurate as possible but inevitable, with any large directory, there may be some mistakes/errors that slip through the net. If you do spot anything that you believe is a mistake then please let us know and we’ll update/amend asap.

Can I advertise on the Kids and Places Australia website?

Yes, please contact us for more information or check out our Media Kit.

What if my question isn’t covered here?

If you have a question/query which isn’t covered in our FAQs then please contact us for further help/support.

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